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We trade best quality of products in wires and cables. We trade only best brand products of Finolex and E-FAB.

Finolex 3 Core Flat Cables

Finolex make 3 core flat cables are best suited for submersible application and manufactured with conductor using annealed bare copper wires of electrolytic grade, bunched properly to ensure desired flexibility. The conductor is further insulated with thermoset type Cross Linked Polyethylene(XLPE) with uniform thickness with each of the core cilours in red, yellow and blue by using most modern machinery and extrusion techniques. The Sheath with uniform thickness of Heat and Moisture Resistant type PVC (Grade ST2) compound formulated and manuafactured inhouse, is extruded over these coloured cores in a flat formation.


  • Higher current rating
  • Higher overload capacity
  • Higher short circuit rating
  • Lighter in weight and smaller bending radius
  • Lower Di-electric constant and power factor
  • Better impact, abrasion, corrosion resistance
  • Easier jointing and termination
  • Application: These Cables enjoy longer and trouble free life and are ideally suitable for giving the power connection in submersible pump motors used mainly for Agriculture purpose.
The strand diameter is nominal.However, construction of conductor is designed to satisfy the requirements of conductor resistance as per IS 8130: 1984. As per Conductor Class 2 of IS 8130: 1984 As per conductor Class 5 of IS 8130: 1984

Finolex LT UG Cables

Finolex has developed a special grade XPLE compounds Finvul-X & Finopower to be used as the insulating material suitable for LT & HT cables. The increasing demand of Power Voltage Cables has necessitated the development of a cable insulant which has a combination of excellent dielectric properties, non hygroscopic nature of polyethylene and higher operating temperature. The Finopower XLPE insulated HT Cables and FINVUL-X LT Power cables have excellent dielectric,thermal, mechanical and chemical properties.

Finolex PVC Insulated Electrical Cables

FR PVC compound Insulated Industrial Single Core and Multi Core Flexible Cables have a wide range of application in machine tools, appliances, control panels, machinery and industries of every nature. The conductors, drawn from 99.97% bright electrolytic grade copper with more than 100% conductivity, are annealed and bunched together. The conductors are insulated with a FR PVC compound with high insulation resistance and dielectric strength, formulated and manufactured in house.
In case of Multi Core Cables, the insulated cores are laid up to form the core assembly. The inner cores are coded for ease of identification as per National/ International coding practices. The sheathing is provided with a specially formulated PVC compound to facilitate not only ease in stripping but also to withstand mechanical abrasion while in use. These FR PVC compounds used for insulation and sheathing have high oxygen and temperature index. These properties help in restricting the spread of fire even at very high temperatures.
The Single Core and Multi Core sheathed Industrial Cables are manufactured as per IS 694:2010, in sizes from 0.5 sq. mm. to 300 sq. mm. in Single Core, and in sizes 0.5 sq. mm. to 2.5 sq. mm. up to 25 cores. These sizes carry the prestigious ISI mark and are duly approved by FIA/TAC. The rest of the sizes generally confirms to IS 694:2010. Cables as per BS 6004 and BS 6500 are also available for the export market.

Finolex FRLS Cables

Finolex is the first company to introduce Flame Retardant Low Smoke Halogen (FR-LSH) electrical wires in India. Flamegard is manufactured by using electrolytic grade copper for conductor to ensure superior conductivity. Insulated with FR-LSH Grade PVC compound formulated and manufactured in-house. In case of fire, Flamegard wires has special flame retardant, low smoke emitting and toxic fumes suppressing properties, with improved fire performance for FR-LSH as per IS 694: 2010 with latest amendments.
During fire, ordinary PVC insulated wires give out thick black smoke and toxic fumes of hydrochloric acid gas. This impairs visibility and hampers rescue operations. Flamegard wires, on the contrary, not only emit very little smoke and toxic gases, but also retards the spread of fire. It is thus ideal for concealed and conduit wiring in multistoried high rise buildings such as hotels, banks, hospitals, factories, commercial and residential complexes, etc. where the density of people is high.

E-FAB 3 Core Flat Cables

Size - 1.5 to 25 sq mm Copper Flat Cables available in 3 & 4 core's 'Water' arguably must be the most essential product in our daily scheme of things. The need for water is also increasing with the growing population every year. E-FAB Sub-immersible(SI) Cables guarantee smooth functioning of your electric SI pumps, in domestic, industrial and agricultural applications.

E-FAB LT UG Cables

Size ( 1.5 sq mm to 400 sq mm) Cores (2,3, 3 1/2 & 4) Copper / Aluminum Underground Cables (UG) play a key role in the construction field, be it homes or industries. E-Fab Cables ensure uninterrupted power to guard your sophisticated machines from break-downs and production disarrays.

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