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Power Control System

We trade best quality of products in Power Control System. We trade only best brand products of Sky, Niagara, EPCOS, L&T, BCH, Janatics and Koyo.

Preventer Panel Board

Inbuilt dry load and over load preventer. Adjustable amps settings. Separate amps settings for three phase and single phase. Inbuilt volt and amps meter. Inbuilt 3 phase preventer and auto start. Suitable for 3 phase and 1/3 phase. Phase reversal prevention and phase sequence detection features inbuilt.
Mobile Control starter and Drip Irrigation Timer, Cyclic Timers.

Automation Controls

Manufacturer of "Mobile" based Automatic Pump Controller and Starters for Single Phase and Three Phase with Water Pump Controller which has made a tremendous impact in the Agricultural Sector.
Cyclic Timer, Dry Run Panel Preventer Mobile Control Drip Irrigation and Compressor, Air Valve Controller.


For film capacitors, the metalized technology is applied. An extremely thin metal film is deposited in a high vacuum onto the low-loss polypropylene film. Then two layers of metalized film are wound to form the electrodes. The impulse resistance is possible due to the so-called self-healing effect. By using polypropylene as the dielectric, the capacitors have a particularly low dissipation factor.
AC film capacitors are usable for general sine-wave applications as filters, inverters,UPS devices etc., but are also particularly suitable for the operation of asynchronous electric motors and electric compressors. As motor run capacitors, they assure smooth and energy-saving operation of electric motors used in applications such as refrigerators, freezers, electric compressors, washers, dryers, air-conditioning appliances, ventilators, pumps, electric doors and drives.
The MotorCap P2 (S2) aluminum can capacitors series B32330/B32332/32333/32335 of EPCOS. The use of MotorCap capacitors increases the energy efficiency of motors and compressors by up to 12 percent. They also significantly improve the torque response of the motor or compressor. This is important for motors and compressors in continuous operation. MotorCap capacitors are addressed particularly to manufacturers of air conditioning systems, washing and drying appliances, compressors for refrigerators and freezers, but also of general electric motors for a variety of applications. MotorCap capacitors comply to high safety standards (UL, VDE, TÜV, CQC).


The comprehensive range of contactors from L&T Switchgear is your key to meet every demand and suit every requirement across diverse applications. Whether it is motor control, capacitor switching, supply changeover or any other single phase or three phase application, you can always be assured of finding a perfect solution in our extensive range of contactors. These contactors are complimented with a range of thermal overload relays.
To complement these products, we also have a wide range of accessories like thermal overload relay, surge suppressor and mechanical interlock kits.
Our range includes

  • Power contactor – MO, MNX, MCX, ML
  • Control and mini contactor - MO 0, MX
  • Special purpose contactor - MO C, MR
  • In other words, our range of contactor is a one-stop solution for every application.

BCH Industrial Products

BCH Contactors are compact, which gives customer extra space and more flexibility and have a rugged construction to boast a long electrical and mechanical life. BCH Contactors and overload relays are ideal for tough industrial applications.
When you use BCH Contactors and overload relays, you are choosing reliability that will result in lower maintenance time and increased productivity.
BCH Contactors and overload relays are widely used in various applications like motor starters, pumps.

Pneumatic Valves

The customer centric approach of Janatics helped it extend its services by manufacturing standard pneumatic products to cater to the growing domestic and international requirements,that include Air preparation units, Pneumatic cylinders, Directional control valves, Solenoid operated valves, One touch fittings, Complete pneumatic systems, Didactic products and many more. Janatics now manufacture the widest range of world class pneumatic products with over 3000 models and morethan 32500 variants to its credit. Features

  • Easy and fast commissioning.
  • Fully wired.
  • Guaranteed operational reliability.
  • Complete turnkey solution.
  • Makes repeat ordering easy.
  • Custom build systems.
  • Reserve positions to allow expansion


JTEKT's bearings help to extend the life of heavy machinery and vehicles that operate in the harsh environments related to the fields of construction, transportation and agricultural machinery, such as excavators, bulldozers, forklifts, cranes, tractors and combined harvesters, by being able to withstand heavy loads, dust, impact, mud, water and so on.

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